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About us

The founder and team members at ZULU GLOBAL have been in the Aircraft Industry for decades proving products and services www.zulu.global

As we adjust to the new world realty; we have diversified our business to support not only our Aviation customers but also comercial businesses and the general public. Zulu Global Commercial Products and Services Division emerged responding to one of our key airline customers needs to disinfect there aircraft cabins. We have delivered equipment and products of aviation quality standards to many major airlines and comercial customers (churches, schools, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, etc. )
We are all facing great challenges together and together we are adjusting and overcoming these trying times.
Over the years our aviation customers have trusted us with flight critical products and services to keep airplanes flying safely. We believe in flight there are no room for errors and the same principal applies to your life on the ground. We buy and sell from the USA and the warranty and certifications on the products are from reputable long-standing USA manufactures. Our receiving inspection is the same as an aircraft part regardless of what it is. Trust us on continuing to deliver the same high standard of products to keep you and your family protected as you enjoy your individual independence and god given freedoms.

by Mike GarcĂ­a – FOUNDER